Company Profile
Guangdong Lithium Hua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter Litharv) is committed to providing innovative battery system solutions and driving the global energy transition to achieve the peak carbon dioxide targets.
Empowering the
global energy shift
In the future, Litharv will continue to uphold the vision of "SMART DIGITAL ENERGY, LOW-CARBON GREEN WORLD". Through technological innovation and cooperation with partners, Litharv will provide customers with smart and green digital energy solutions, promote energy transformation and upgrading, and enable social progress through technology. We look forward to working with you in the creation of a low-carbon, green future.
Solution Provider
As a leading provider of photovoltaic and energy storage products, Litharv is dedicated to being a pioneer in solving energy problems for global households, businesses and large ground-based power plants. Its core products include energy storage batteries ranging from 3kWh to 1GWh and data centre power systems.
management system
As a technology innovation-driven company, Litharv is always committed to providing customers with customised battery system solutions and solving energy programmes through energy interaction and intelligent management (including MES and ERP systems).
Company Advantages
Honesty with our customers
The pursuit of advanced technology
Developing tailor-mode models for customers
Responsible for our products
Serving you wholeheartedly
Flat management
Production process visibility
Professional Team
16 years of experience in factory development
R&D team with 20 years of experience
Participate in overseas exhibitions every year
Exported products with more than 30 countries
Qualification Honor