Wall mount Residential Energy Storage Series
Key features of wall mount home energy storage
Lightweight and easy to install
Plug-and-play storage accumulator: wall-mounted home storage battery, easy to install and use in parallel. Ideal for home storage backup power for solar systems.
Lithium iron phosphate batteries are generally used for photovoltaic solar and home storage, with better stable performance than ternary lithium batteries; they are safe enough to be installed indoors, making an ideal solution for mobile living and entertainment.
Smarter BMS
RS485/CAN/RS232 LiFePO4 battery + state-of-the-art high-performance battery management system (BMS) provides protection against overcharge, over-discharge and overcurrent, as well as a voltage equalization function to better protect the battery pack.
LiFePO4 batteries boast over 6000+ cycles, a ten year lifespan and 95% depth of discharge.
Integrated configuration and flexible design
The energy storage machine can be equipped with different power inverters according to customer requirements, the inverter supports on-grid or off-grid optional also supports parallel machines, the battery pack also supports parallel machines, up to 15 groups of PACK parallel machines.
Multiple ways of charging
Photovoltaic; Electricity-grid or even simultaneous charging.
Intelligent display
Various information of the battery can be viewed by key selection such as: total current voltage of the battery pack, charge/discharge current, temperature display, single cell voltage of the battery pack, SOC percentage, FCC full charge capacity, current capacity, number of battery cycles, communication baud rate.
Intelligent Energy Cloud Platform to Empower Your Life
  • Al safety algorithms
  • Multiple protection mechanisms
  • Early warning and timely elimination of hidden dangers
  • Real-time monitoring of all data
  • Full lifecycle management
  • Configurable information push
  • Deep integration of MES and ERP
  • Massive data model
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