R&D and
As a global specialist in battery energy storage systems, Litharv specializes in manufacturing, marketing, service and recycling of energy storage products, especially in the R&D department.
Manufacturing Line & Laboratory
Litharv is dedicated in the development of the home energy
storage system, lithium battery pack and photovoltaic energy storage, electric vehicles
backup energy, inverters and other fields.
Lithium battery sorting machine
Laser weldingmachine
Laser weldingmachine
Laser weldingmachine
Visual manufacturer
Battery capacity grading cabinet
Battery aging cabinet
Production visualization
High-precision automatic production lines
Shenzhen Branch
Shenzhen branch, serves as the R&D and international trading centre, with advanced geographical location and the latest technical support, we are focusing on the market and the needs of our customers.
Based on our highly skilled and innovative teams, advanced research techniques and mechanical
equipment, Litharv provides safe and reliable energy storage system solutions for hundreds of residential energy
storage projects worldwide,including the UK, Germany, Spain, South Africa, etc. We are looking forward to
collaborating with you in future.